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5 Top Items to Include in Your Condo Association Welcome Package

As the board members of an homeowners association or condo association, it’s your job to make sure new members feel welcome and comfortable when moving in. A great way to do this is by offering a welcome package with valuable … Continue reading

The Best Tips When Working With an HOA Management Company

If you’re a homeowners or condo association in North Carolina or South Carolina looking for a property management company, you’re probably seeking help maintaining your community. Hiring the right HOA management can remove a lot of stress from the process. However, if … Continue reading

Increase HOA Communication With a Great Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the least expensive—and most effective—public relations tools that exist for drawing attention to a business or website. Sending out a quality newsletter on a regular basis can help you can keep clients, potential clients, the media, … Continue reading

The Importance of a Safety Walkthrough in Your Association

The layout of your homeowners association is an important part of ensuring safety for your community. Therefore, it’s smart to schedule a safety walkthrough so you have a plan in place for any emergencies. Your HOA can either perform the … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Apathy in Your HOA

A big challenge faced by HOA boards is getting residents to be more engaged and involved. Resident apathy can be pretty common in homeowners associations. While this can sometimes be normal, it may not always mean that everyone is content … Continue reading

How to Go Paperless in Your HOA

Everyone knows that going paperless makes a better impact on the environment. But despite that, many homeowners association are still mostly using paper for their documents and communication. It seems the green initiative may not be enough reason for some HOAs … Continue reading

How to Improve Your HOA’s Written Communication

The key to an effective homeowners association is top-notch communication. That includes correspondence between community members, board members, your homeowners association management company, and vendors. Your whole association could end up suffering if communication is not effective, especially in board … Continue reading

Real Estate Tax Breaks That Can Save You Money

Tax day is rarely greeted with joy—especially when you are a homeowner. It can cause a lot of anxiety in individuals, but it doesn’t have to! Although it is a time-consuming process, there are some perks of owning a home that can … Continue reading

How to Run Concise HOA Board Meetings

Being on a homeowners association board means volunteering your time for best of your whole community. It can be an incredibly fulfilling role, but it involves dealing with differences in opinion and finding times to get everyone together. Most board members are volunteers … Continue reading

Is Your HOA Reserve Fund Being Managed Properly?

How you handle your HOA reserve funds really makes a difference in the successful running of your association. The quality of the strategic planning of your homeowners association can actually make or break your community. It’s also really important to … Continue reading

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