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How to Go Paperless in Your HOA

Everyone knows that going paperless makes a better impact on the environment. But despite that, many homeowners association are still mostly using paper for their documents and communication. It seems the green initiative may not be enough reason for some HOAs … Continue reading

How to Improve Your HOA’s Written Communication

The key to an effective homeowners association is top-notch communication. That includes correspondence between community members, board members, your homeowners association management company, and vendors. Your whole association could end up suffering if communication is not effective, especially in board … Continue reading

Real Estate Tax Breaks That Can Save You Money

Tax day is rarely greeted with joy—especially when you are a homeowner. It can cause a lot of anxiety in individuals, but it doesn’t have to! Although it is a time-consuming process, there are some perks of owning a home that can … Continue reading

How to Run Concise HOA Board Meetings

Being on a homeowners association board means volunteering your time for best of your whole community. It can be an incredibly fulfilling role, but it involves dealing with differences in opinion and finding times to get everyone together. Most board members are volunteers … Continue reading

Is Your HOA Reserve Fund Being Managed Properly?

How you handle your HOA reserve funds really makes a difference in the successful running of your association. The quality of the strategic planning of your homeowners association can actually make or break your community. It’s also really important to … Continue reading

Summer Safety Tips for HOA Pets

If your homeowner association allows pets, you likely know how important they are to their owners. As summer approaches, it’s a good idea to remind those in your community about ways to keep pets safe during the hotter months. Cedar … Continue reading

3 Important Qualities of an HOA Management Company

When you’re looking for a new HOA management company, the bigger picture is important. You want to look for more than just the services they can provide; the personality, background and certification, and teamwork of an HOA manager is just … Continue reading

Does Your HOA Have a Strategic Plan?

The strategic plan for a homeowners association should act as an outline for the immediate future of projects and priorities, as well as an overview of the year’s budget and what future budgets might include. Regularly reviewing and updating your … Continue reading

Should Your HOA Take Out a Loan?

What do you do if your homeowners association board is planning a big project but doesn’t have information saved in the reserves or operating budget for the entire cost? There are a few different options. You can collect special assessments, … Continue reading

5 Tips for a Successful HOA Neighborhood Watch

Crime is a concern and a risk in any homeowners association. But incorporating certain trusted systems, such as a neighborhood watch, can ensure that your community stays collectively alert and focused on safety. To both deter crime and increase safety, your … Continue reading

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