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How Can an HOA Accountant Help Your Association?

Are you unable to understand your accounting figures? Do you have trouble in comprehending the financial reports? Maybe you find the software difficult to use, or perhaps accounting is something that is simply over your head. Whatever the case, fact … Continue reading

Preparing Your HOA Budget

The annual budget is a vital part of every organization’s finances, whichever industry or sector it belongs to. The same applies to homeowners association, and as every new financial year dawns, a proper budget must be drafted out.  Despite the … Continue reading

A Guide to Achieving Efficient HOA Management

People prefer to live in HOA neighborhoods due to the efficient services that they are provided by the association. However, every HOA is not equally efficient and thus, inappropriate management leads to conflicts within the neighborhood, along with major shortcomings … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider A Townhouse or a Condo

If you happen to be one of those people who is in a bit of a twist when it comes to finances to purchase your own custom home, or if you are looking to invest in real estate, then we … Continue reading

Finding Cost Effective Services for Property Management within Charlotte, NC

Every investor wants to manage his or her real estate property in the best way. However, whether they own a rental property or a secondary home, most real estate investors do not have the time to tackle their property matters … Continue reading

Managing Your HOA the Green Way

Do you want your HOA to be a green association? Doing so will not only help you in serving your cause but also provide you with a way to protect the environment.  So how do you make this possible? Here … Continue reading

Moving to an HOA Community

A neighborhood that is managed by an HOA provides its residents with several advantages. However, every HOA has its own criteria that the members are supposed to follow in order to ensure peaceful and efficient management of the locality. Are … Continue reading

Understanding Your HOA’s Documents

Congratulations, you now own a condo in a really great neighborhood. Does this excite you? We are sure that is a yes. So what are you provided with? A key to your condo, a key to your mailbox, a garage … Continue reading

Understanding HOA Insurance

A Homeowners’ Association or HOA is a legalized unit that is developed by real estate professionals with the aim of reselling it later on. Every unit comprises of a number of homes that has to be managed by the association. … Continue reading

Managing Your HOA Finances with the Help of HOA Management Companies

Management of an HOA (Home Owners Association) is not an easy task. Although associations aim to perform their responsibilities and are able to do so, they often lack key factors in their performance, which results in inefficient management and loss … Continue reading

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