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Why the Slower Increase of Charlotte Home Costs is Okay

The national trend in the last few months has shown a overall slower increase in home prices, with Charlotte following suit. And at the same time home prices ares slowing down, so are real estates sales, as individuals’ salaries are not … Continue reading

Difficult Resident Getting You Down? Try These Tips

There is really no way to avoid certain difficult residents or homeowners. Even if you are extremely careful and fair with your association rules and regulations, there will still be some people complaining. But there are ways to help the problem by … Continue reading

6 Important Visual Property Aspects to Maintain

A community’s visual appeal depends mostly on the maintenance and upkeep of each resident property it contains. A management company can help enforce these maintenance aspects, but ultimately each property is responsible. This can be maintained easily by paying attention to … Continue reading

Getting More Done in Your HOA

In an active HOA board, it seems there is never enough time to get everything done you’d like to. This is especially true based on the current economy and the need to accomplish goals of the association. The goals may … Continue reading

The Importance of Contracts for Vendor Projects

Vendors are an important part of any community, but you want to ensure the terms of the job they’re completing is clearly set to avoid potential disasters. Cementing a Contract Having a detailed contract with vendors sets the details for … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Your Annual HOA Board Meeting

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to start planning for your annual HOA board meeting. A goal of these meetings is to get resident to attend in order to keep members informed and involved. Even though many condo … Continue reading

Why You May Need an HOA Manager

It’s a good idea for many homeowners and condominium associations to employ a manager for your Board of Directors. If you don’t have one yet, especially if board members are not fully versed in the specifics of keeping an HOA … Continue reading

Ensuring Your HOA Is Doing Its Best

Being an HOA board member is not always easy. Although it is a volunteer position that does not offer any compensation, board members still have a responsibility to ensure they are managing the community properly. Below are some simple steps … Continue reading

Director Roles – Secretary

This week we conclude our four part series on the the roles of the Board of Directors by focusing on the position of secretary. First and foremost, the secretary of a homeowners association is the recordkeeper. The records of an … Continue reading

Director Roles – Treasurer

A homeowners association without stable finances will almost always be unsuccessful. The treasurer is responsible for ensuring the community is financially sound. He or she handles the money of the community, from collecting dues to paying invoices. The governing documents … Continue reading

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