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Director Roles – Secretary

This week we conclude our four part series on the the roles of the Board of Directors by focusing on the position of secretary. First and foremost, the secretary of a homeowners association is the recordkeeper. The records of an … Continue reading

Director Roles – Treasurer

A homeowners association without stable finances will almost always be unsuccessful. The treasurer is responsible for ensuring the community is financially sound. He or she handles the money of the community, from collecting dues to paying invoices. The governing documents … Continue reading

Director Roles – Vice-President

In part two of our series on the roles of the board of directors of a homeowners association, we’ll be discussing the responsibilities of the vice-president. The main function of an HOA vice president is to act as a substitute … Continue reading

Director Roles – President

Whether you’re considering running for the board of directors of your homeowners association or have already been elected, you may be slightly unclear on the roles of the directors. That’s okay – clear roles can be hard to understand. Each … Continue reading

The Utmost Professional And Sincere Support

Cedar Management Group offers industry leading services from an experiences staff who dedicate themselves to attention to detail and the success of your homeowners association. We understand the importance of a good relationship between our company the the homeowners in … Continue reading

Who Makes Decisions in an HOA?

Many HOA board members do not realize how time-consuming a position on the board is until after they have committed to their new position. It is difficult to juggle a professional life and home life while fulfilling the duties that … Continue reading

Building a Community in a Homeowners Association

A frequent theme in association management is building a sense of community within the association. But what exactly does this mean, and how is it accomplished? A sense of community is the feeling of belonging, that you and other members … Continue reading

Keeping a Collective Watch on the Community

Many community members feel secure in knowing that they know most if not all of their neighbors, and may easily recognize any strangers who may be lurking around the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on our personal eyes to … Continue reading

The Delinquency Debacle

Though both the economy and housing market are finally on the upswing again, community associations are still facing high numbers of unpaid assessments and foreclosures. With community budgets dependent on 100% participation from homeowners, this puts HOAs across the country … Continue reading

How Can an HOA Accountant Help Your Association?

Are you unable to understand your accounting figures? Do you have trouble in comprehending the financial reports? Maybe you find the software difficult to use, or perhaps accounting is something that is simply over your head. Whatever the case, fact … Continue reading

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