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4 Online Resources for Charlotte HOA Board of Directors

For an HOA board with a lot of questions, hiring a property management company can be a great way to iron out any issues or uncertainties. It’s understandable for board members to feel overwhelmed with the long list of day-to-day … Continue reading

Why Your HOA Needs a Design Review Committee

Every resident in your homeowners association has made a large investment where they live and will have pride for their home and their community. It’s important to maintain that feeling by preserving the value in your community. In order to ensure this, your … Continue reading

How to Efficiently Address Open Comments In HOA Board Meetings

Law requires that a HOA board set aside open comment time for each member to speak with the board. While this a great feature to have in your Charlotte-area homeowners association because it gives each member a voice and opinion … Continue reading

What is the Best Accounting Method for Your HOA?

As an HOA board member, it can be difficult to determine which accounting method is appropriate for your community. If you choose the wrong type, you could be looking at added stress and problems down the road. And since switching accounting … Continue reading

What Determines Successful HOA Management?

A successful property management company is one that is always seeking ways to benefit each homeowners association and save homeowners money. While there will always be things that could be billed back to the property owner, such as services and … Continue reading

The Basic Budget Components Your HOA Needs

Any HOA Board member will understand how the process of planning an HOA budget works: estimating expenses first, then determining the association’s income, the majority of which are homeowners association fees. The important part is knowing the basic components needed for an … Continue reading

Luxury Apartments Are Rising in Charlotte

With the apartment market fully recovered from the recession, Charlotte is getting more renters interested in luxury apartments that were previously lacking in occupants. This is significant for HOA Boards to pay attention to regarding communities in the area. Why the … Continue reading

How to Evaluate Your HOA Manager

No one really likes being scrutinized, and it can be just as uncomfortable evaluating others. However, the truth of the matter for HOAs is that it’s healthy to routinely evaluate your HOA manager and be open with them about your … Continue reading

Do Your Board Meetings Include Proper Minutes?

During meetings for your homeowners association, the Minutes are what record all actions taken during the proceedings between members. This is a requirement with any homeowners association, and it’s important to be sure all important details are included and accounted … Continue reading

Regulating Renters in Your Association

If any of the property owners in your Charlotte homeowners association have renters in their homes, do you have set rules for the renters to comply with? Did you know that renters are allowed all membership privileges—such as use of … Continue reading

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