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Creating an Effective Vendor Matrix for Your Homeowners Association

Maintenance services for HOAs can be a tricky territory that easily becomes out-of-control or overwhelming if a good HOA management system isn’t put in place. When maintenance needs come up—whether they are anticipated or not—a homeowners association can quickly find themselves drowning in … Continue reading

Questions to Ask Before Starting an HOA Management Contract

If your homeowners association is wanting to start working with a management company, there are a few things you’ll want to analyze in the contract before signing it, as it’s important to make sure you know all conditions of what … Continue reading

Beware of Renewing Contracts for Your Association

It’s common for homeowners associations to begin long-term contracts with contracts for services such as trash removal, landscaping, or other maintenance. What associations will not realize, however, is that many of these contracts are set to auto-renew. Without knowing this, your … Continue reading

Be Cautious When Hiring an HOA Contractor

Finding a quality contractor to perform work for your HOA at a good cost is not always an easy task. There are some areas in which to make sure the contractor is up to par before hiring them for your … Continue reading

How to Deal with Hoarding in Your Association

When running a homeowners association, there is the possibility of encountering all types of personalities living within the community. And since it involves peoples’ personal living spaces, there is always the chance of property owners having a tenant who is a hoarder. Hoarding in Your Community  … Continue reading

Inspecting Your Community’s Air Conditioners for Summer

It’s that time of year where air conditioning and staying out of the heat become a priority for many states. Although the Charlotte area may not be the hottest place in the United States, we still experience the summer heat, and … Continue reading

What to Have Ready When Hiring an HOA Manager

So you’ve decided to hire an HOA manager. Great! Hiring a manager with a HOA management company can be so beneficial for handling the responsibilities of your Board. If it’s your first time deciding to hire a manager for your community, … Continue reading

5 Ways to Prevent Burglaries in Your Community

The crime of burglary is always a possibility for any homeowner, but usually the chances of one happening can be controlled. Charlotte homeowners associations are taking extra measures to prevent burglar activities in their communities by employing these few measures: Alarm Systems … Continue reading

How to Best Incorporate New Board Members

When new members are elected to the Board of Directors of a homeowners association, it’s important to make sure they are able to feel comfortable as a part of the community. This can be achieved by welcoming them properly and filling … Continue reading

ASAP Property Maintenance Problems

Most daily maintenance issues encountered on HOA property are easily dealt with during business hours. But as a property owner, how do you handle those maintenance problems that can be deemed true emergencies?  Either you are going to be ready … Continue reading

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