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What to Do if a Homeowner in Your HOA Dies

It’s never a fun topic for anyone to consider, but how would your HOA board handle the sudden death of a homeowner in your association? If you’re unsure, here are some things to know: Find Out if They Had a Will If a homeowner … Continue reading

Why Your HOA Board Members Should Go Through Continuing Education

Ongoing education for HOA board members is an important aspect of property management that is often overlooked. Although board members aren’t expected to understand every detail of the inner workings of the HOA, especially if they’re working with an HOA … Continue reading

The Importance of Being More Open with Your HOA Members

Openness and transparency are important tools in most effectively communicating with your HOA community. When you let owners know what’s going on in the association, they are most likely to trust you and understand how the HOA is doing overall, preventing … Continue reading

Best Practices for Parties and Guests in an HOA

Parties and other opportunities to get everyone together in your homeowners association can be great ways to encourage good will and relationships in the community. However, it’s important to consider how you will handle guests at this time so things don’t get out … Continue reading

How to Set Up Emergency Plans in Your HOA Community

No one really wants to think about emergency situations and their consequences. Unfortunately, bad things, including natural disasters like tornadoes or severe thunderstorms, happen when we least expect them. So your board should always have an emergency plan in place in case disaster … Continue reading

How to Keep HOA Members from Dreading the Annual Meeting

Your HOA board’s annual meeting can either be a great opportunity to set up the community for a successful year… or it can be a source of dread or boredom, or even worse, something that no one shows up for. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

The Best Way to Get Feedback from HOA Members

It’s always important for your HOA board to stay in contact with community members. After all, the decisions you make will almost always affect the residents in your HOA, and you want to understand how they will feel about it. HOA boards who … Continue reading

Good Independence Day Guidelines for Your HOA

The 4th of July is quickly approaching! If you’re an HOA board member, your community probably has some activities planned for members. While it’s likely set to be a great weekend full of pool time, BBQ food, and a great … Continue reading

North Carolina HOAs: Post-Catastrophic Disaster Events Guide

If you have a homeowners association in North or South Carolina, it’s important to have a post-hurricane and disaster event plan. Catastrophic events often happen when you are least prepared for them unless you spend some time in advance on planning. … Continue reading

Building a Supportive HOA Community

With recent tragedies like the Orlando mass shooting, it’s more important than ever to focus on community in your HOA community. Every homeowners association should strive to make their community a place where neighbors are friendly and peaceful. Working Through Tragedy … Continue reading

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