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4 Reasons to Invest in Maintenance Management

Just about every HOA board is eventually faced with the question of whether or not to hire management for their needs, and that includes maintenance or minor and major issues. It might be tempting to avoid the investment and try to do … Continue reading

HOA Playground Maintenance Tips

Depending on the size of your homeowners association, you might have several different amenities to offer community members. And if your neighborhood has many families with children, you might have a playground. Whether you already have a playground set up or … Continue reading

4 Best Practices for Successful HOA Management

Any seasoned HOA board member is going to know there’s a lot that happens “behind the scenes” not seen by the community. It’s a tough job that often has to deal with its fair share of criticism, making it easy … Continue reading

How Your HOA Can Benefit from Committees

Running a homeowners association is not a simple task, and there are many areas for your HOA board and HOA management to think about each day. But this doesn’t have to be an unreasonable burden for everyone. It’s important to remember … Continue reading

The Rise of HOA and Condo Dues for Homebuyers

The growth in the number of U.S. homes requiring monthly fees, whether they are from homeowners associations, mobile homes, or condo dues, is making an impact on how affordable living is for homebuyers, especially those who are buying their first … Continue reading

Uptown/South End of Charlotte Seeing Large Apartment Growth

Charlotte’s Uptown/South End was recently named as #1 in the “10 Busiest Sub Markets for Construction” by MPF Research, demonstrating the great potential for apartment growth in the Charlotte area. Uptown/South End Charlotte Growth With a 107.7% inventory growth rate since … Continue reading

HOA Financial Tips for New Board Members

Becoming a new member of an HOA board is an exciting time. You’re put in an important and exciting position to make decisions for your community. It might be overwhelming at the beginning, but the benefits are great. And one … Continue reading

How Will the New Overtime Rule Impact Charlotte-Area HOAs?

If your homeowners association currently people in any capacity, including for maintenance or HOA management reasons, you’ll be impacted by the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule that will be going into effect on December 1st, 2016. If you have … Continue reading

3 Ways HOA Management is Changing With the Times

While there are some ways HOA management will always remain the same, the rise of technology and online communities in the last several years is changing certain processes for how HOA management companies can increase the quality of homeowners associations. Here are … Continue reading

How to Get the Votes You Need During HOA Meetings

For most HOAs, this is the time of year for budget review and meetings. Maybe important changes are being made regarding CC&Rs that you need passed or you need to get a new board member elected. No matter what it … Continue reading

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