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Smaller Budget? An HOA Management Company Can Still Work for You

Many homeowners association boards assume that you need to have a large budget to work with an HOA management company, but that’s not always the case. Since not all associations need full-service management, there is the possibility for choosing a … Continue reading

How to Hold an HOA Super Bowl Party

Since the Super Bowl is practically a holiday in the United States, the occasion is a great way to get your residents together and work on building community. It’s hard enough getting people to make time in their busy schedules … Continue reading

Possible Real Estate Trends to Be Aware Of in 2016

As the real estate market is always changing and advancing, it’s a good idea for your board members to routinely keep track of new trends – and now is a better time than ever now that January is upon us. … Continue reading

HOAs Beware as North Carolina Goes After Uninsured Employers

Throughout the last year, North Carolina has been cracking down on employers with uninsured workers. Employers in North Carolina who have been failing to property insure have found themselves faced with criminal charges or fines. This is a significant lesson … Continue reading

How to Save Your HOA Board Money Without Raising Owner Dues

Saving money for your HOA can seem like a difficult task after paying for the necessary repairs and expenses that come with running an association. While raising member dues is a solution, you know that’s better used as a last … Continue reading

What Are the Best HOA Board Member Qualities?

It takes a certain golden combination of characteristics to be the most successful HOA board member. The best board member is reasonable, determined, thoughtful, and passionate about the role he or she plays. The following list contains five of the main qualities … Continue reading

What New Year’s Resolutions Will Your HOA Set?

It’s officially 2016, and everyone is thinking about what they want to change for the year ahead… and your homeowners association shouldn’t be an exception! Amidst the making of resolutions and goals for yourself in the new year, take some time … Continue reading

A Breakdown of HOA Management Contracts

In an ideal situation, homeowners association board members and HOA managers would be on the same page about everything and have no worry of disputes. However, the reality is that even rational and reasonable people can have differences and disagreements. … Continue reading

Increase Your HOA’s Curb Appeal With These 6 Tips

Staying up-to-date on home improvements is one of the best ways to visually attract new people to the homes in your homeowners association. However, it’s important to make sure you focus on interior and exterior improvements. Even if the community is beautifully maintained … Continue reading

Taming Your Fear of Speaking Up in HOA Board Meetings: 4 Tips

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears. And when you’re a member of an HOA board that often requires speaking up as part of your duties, overcoming this fear to can be scary and daunting. … Continue reading

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