Cedar Management Group AAMC
Community Association Management Professionals
Paul A. Greiner
I would like to introduce you to the new standard in community management, Cedar Management Group. Our experience and background will help you meet your community goals and improve your bottom line. We provide your association with a full range of services and 24-hour response from a staff of professionals that boast over 750 years of service in management of communities within the area.
Cedar recognizes that controlling cost, increasing property values, and reducing the time commitment of the community volunteers are just some of the challenges when serving on a board of directors. The primary challenge in community association management is reaching a consensus between owners and board members when setting and accomplishing goals.
Our first task with a new association is to form a relationship built on trust, as well as clear and effective communication with the board of directors. With quality, experienced property managers, and state of the art technology, this is quickly achieved.
We hope this material provides you with the tools you need to be a step ahead in your decision making process. Our leadership, understanding, and integrity set us apart from all of the rest. One day soon, we hope you can say, “It’s good to come home to Cedar!”
Warmest regards,
Paul A. Greiner, CMCA | AMS | PCAM
President, Cedar Management Group